I learned Japanese painting at high school and university which specialises in fine arts, which taught me that the most important aspect was sketching. However, during my college years, I became interested in the act of drawing lines intuitively without thinking,  rather than trying to reproduce something. From that point on, I have created my pictures with Japanese painting materials by scratching the surface of the paint into a lot of straight lines with a needle.
 I find the process of my artwork as being similar to the process of recognising someone's humanity in a relationship. We consciously control and adjust the way we present ourselves by controlling the way we talk and our attitude. However, there may be times when one's unconscious actions unexpectedly reveal parts of themselves that they have been trying to hide. At that moment, others recognise one's humanity by combining what they see on the surface and what appears unconsciously. In the same way, I believe that my artworks can be interpreted by combining the surface of a painting that was intentionally painted flat and the lines that I unconsciously scratch on its surface.
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